Latest news today in the world

The news means newly received or important information, especially about new or important events. There are different ways to get news; we come to know many things happen in the world through television, radio, and newspaper. Daily new things are happening in the world, and we come to know about them through one of these different ways.

Followings are some latest news in the world;

San Bernardino Attack;

There was an attack on the San Bernardino, California, America yesterday. Today news from San Bernardino is about 14 people is killed, and Many is injured. This was an attack on the center of people. ISIS takes the responsibility. They also warn America to be ready for the attack that are more disaster then this mild attack.

Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board wish;

Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board wish to have cricket series between Pakistan and India held soon. He said the he is waiting the date announcement from the Indian cricket board. He was talking to media, he said India should have to inform whither they want to play series or not. He further said that there are very few days are left for preparation is series is going to be happened. He said that Indian should have to inform us of his decision.

Pakistan returns the plane;

Pakistan sends back the plane that has 30 deputies from Greece. The Interior Minister ChaudharyNisar Ali Khan ordered FIA to stop unauthorized deportees from leaving the plain when it was landed at Islamabad Airport. According to the interior ministry, Greek government did not provide with proper documents of passengers that prove that they are Pakistani. !9 out of 49 passengers allow staying while other 30 passengers send back to Greece.

Pistorius guilty of murder;

Oscar Pistoruis feels guilty for murdering his girlfriend. He accepted the he murdered his girlfriend ReevaSteenkamp. He said that he murdered her in early hours of Valentine’s Day in 2013. The proscuter said that pistoruis killed her during arguments while portoruislawer said that he killed her by mistake, he is considering her as an invader.

Ronaldo feels embracement;

Rio Ferdinand had exposed that Ronaldo feels embraced over his Shooting ability when he first arrived at Manchester United. He joined Manchester United in 2003 and quickly become the favorite of the people. Ferdinand shares some memories of Ronaldo at Manchester United he also said that things are never rosy for Portuguese.

Nawaz meets Narinder;

Goverenment of Pakistan said there was no hidden meeting held between Pakistan Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Indian Prime minister Narindermohdi on the occasion of SAARC in 2014. Indian Foreign ministry also denied this news. VikasSwarup said the news is tottaly baseless, No such meeting was held. The Indian news paper Hindustan times put the news of Nawas and Narinder secret meeting at SAARC in 2014. The paper claimed that both leaders have long discussion and share their point and agree on that they need more time to forward with public engagements.